Monday, April 28, 2008

summers a comin'

I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need a summer haircut, like right now. I don't know why but I have a giant phobia of getting my haircut. Must be all those short haircuts I had growing up. I used to actually put my poncho on my head and pretended like it was long hair. So now I'm 37 and I have hair all the way down my back. I think when you have something for so long, it would just be weird without it. But I want a shorter style that I can do more with. I guess this means I'm finally getting older, because I'm ready for change. I bet my readers get so sick of hearing me talk about aging, but it's really freakin' me out!
So, I'll probably opt for a shoulder length layered style, like I did 2 haircuts ago, and then I let it grow for a year or 2, and then repeat the cycle. I actually did try angled bangs a few years ago, but my hairline doesn't want to lay like that, so it was a constant battle. (My hairstylist has always tried to get me to come in every 6 months, but that just seems extreme to me!)
I've been wanting the posh spice bob for awhile, except a little longer in the back. I think short hair is actually more work though, because right now I can pretty much get up, comb, throw it in a ponytail, and go. Not that it looks cute.
so please dear readers, post links to cute short and medium styles for me. I need help.


Lisa said...

I can relate so much!!! I felt so frumpy and un-done with a ponytail everyday so I just got my hair cut from my waist all they way up to above my shoulders. I went for the posh type bob. I love how easy it is to do, i really thought it would be more work, and having 2 kids under 3, i needed something EASY, and it really is! Good Luck!!

Leslie Hahn said...

I am a hairstylist and you would look great with the "posh cut"! I have done many takes on this classic bob style over the years and it really looks good on everyone. Short hair can be more work, but not this falls right into place if you have a good haircut!