Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We have a winner!

Ok, we put all the names into this pretty bowl, and I tore Sasha away from the computer so I could photograph the event. She's like "OMG, mom, I feel like such a nerd!" I usually borrow her hand for pics of tiny things, because on my camera you need 2 hands to focus the macro lens. At least I don't borrow her whold body for modeling jobs since I got my mannequin. See, I really do need a name for her! So here goes... drumroll please~

"Madame Coco" it shall be! Thanks to all who voted, and Mari from Pretty Monday, please email me with your address so I can mail out your goodies. I think I'll use the other name choices for totes and such that need names desperately. It's always so hard to come up with good ideas whenever I have a new design. Thanks again everyone!

Bag contest~

I decided to make another purse for the Sew Mama Sew contest, and I'm so in love with it! It was one of those moments where everything came together, and I didn't have to take out any seams or anything.
It's the softest linen I've ever worked with. I'm really tempted to keep it, but I put it in the shop because I just have too many pretty bags to carry right now. I love all of these Amy Butler fabrics, and decided to patchwork some together in a pretty composition. I added a removable fabric flower for a feminine touch, and it could be worn as a brooch also.

I learned how to make the gorgeous fabric flower from Cynthia Treen's book, Last Minute Fabric Gifts. Pretty simple directions to follow, and such beautiful results. You can leave it round like I did, or flatten and crinkle the edges.

I made up the pattern for the purse, as always, and I think it's the perfect size to carry on your shoulder and will hold all of the essentials, plus a little more.
I would have loved to have worn this with an aqua ribbon on my special day! Too bad I didn't make them in time :(
oh well, at least there making some brides happy now!

or for a little something to cover the shoulders:

Caio girls!

Monday, July 23, 2007

rollin' along

wow, the summer is flying by. I always get sad when I start seeing 'back to school' ads. My family knows not to even utter those words to me, and they even try to shield me from the signs and flyers. I've been puttering away on my projects, and still haven't decided on a name for my dress form. I've even had some lovely voters from etsy that read my blog. So sweet of everyone to help me out with ideas. I'll pick one in the next day or two-I promise!
Here are some pics of recent stuff~

I'm absolutely, positively in love with the peacock necklace, and sad to see it leave my possession tomorrow. It has sold and is going all the way to Hong Kong. The french script tote makes me sad to say goodbye too, but at least I still have that fabric, and can make another one for myself. The peacock was vintage dictionary paper, so unless I find another dictionary from the same year, I probably can't make another.
The tote was SO fun to make, especially the composition part. And I love these big, black, vintage looking buttons. This Lakehouse fabric with the french script has been one of those special love affairs. It's where you buy a few yards and feel guilty (I feel that way when I spend too much on fabric, which is pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.), and then a couple of days later you go back and buy the rest of the bolt because you're afraid someone else will buy it. No one else in town sells this stuff though, so I really had no choice. I told the department head, "please, please, please order some more of this, would you?"
Anyway, this tote is the perfect size for a girl on the go - throw in your cell phone (side pocket to protect it), lip stuff - of COURSE, wallet, business cards, sunscreen, book, and whatever else, and go. I can just imagine the comments and questions you'd get from people since it's so unusual. In my two favorite non-colors also, cream and black.

oh, how I will miss it so.

I've also been continuing my "Little House" series; there have been so many on the countryside, maybe I should do one "on the prairie" - one of my favorite shows from my childhood. I still watch the reruns with Sasha during the summer. I feel like they are tearjerkers sometimes, but I always can point out a good moral lesson for her, and she actually enjoys watching them. Ok, I'm off to watch "King of Queens" now, gotta go. LOVE this show! Caio for now!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

medical and contest updates

Ok, I've gotten quite a few good name possibilities for my dress form, but I'm going to give it a few more days and see if anyone else wants to enter the naming contest. Remember I'll send a lovely package of handmade ♥ goodies ♥ to the namer that I pick. So keep 'em coming everybody! (See last post)
Well, I worked all weekend on the etsy contest SEWUSEFUL, and it was alot of work! wow. I am TIRED. Taking pictures at each step, explaining and measuring everything perfectly, etc. But three winners will receive a computerized Singer sewing machine. So keep your fingers crossed that one of my entries will win! One is a fabric ottoman, and the other is a really unusual toothbrush caddy idea.

On the medical front, I went through an entire round of antiobiotics and still felt bad, so they put me on detrol la, which sounds like something an elderly person that can't control their bladder function would need. At this point, I just hope it works. I'm tired of running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. My sister just graduated from nursing school, so I keep calling her asking her questions and describing all of my symptoms. She likes being able to answer the questions now, but after awhile, I bet doctors and nurses get really tired of it all.
We are finally planning our summer vacation, and we're thinking maybe we waited too long. I was hoping to rent a cabin somewhere in Minnesota maybe, because it's only 5 hours away, but there may not be any available. I'm going to try to find some fun fesivals too, like where the people show old-fashioned colonial crafts and stuff. I'm sure Sasha will be sooooo excited about that. She'd rather just go spend lots of money at Mall of America, and ride all the stuff they have in their amusement park. But, I'm hoping for a little get back to nature and quality family time. I just have to finish tiling my kitchen floor this week, and put new baseboards in our living room before I go anywhere. I'll choose the winner in the naming contest before I go though! I know you're all waiting with baited breath~ caio, girls!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Name my dress form, please!

How is everyone tonite? I'm tired, more tired than I should be for being on summer vacation. The only thing I've felt like doing lately is rummaging around antique stores and thrifting. Lovely bits of lace and vintage slips....aaahhh, pure bliss.
That reminds me, although I didn't get my metal dress form at an antique store, she sure looks like a lovely vintage prop.
I've been trying to think of a fitting name her.
I know it's silly, but every time I refer to 'her', I feel like I need to call her something besides 'the mannequin'. I thought about having a contest to find her a name, although I don't exactly have a huge readership *yet* plus a ton of people are out of town on vacations and such, and away from their computers. But, it sounds like fun, so I will give it a go~ I will send a little package of handmade ♥ GOODIES ♥ to anyone who comes up with a name I love.
Here's another picture of her:

Sound good? ok, so I can't wait to hear what you all come up with. I'll leave it open until I get a name I like.
Also, a lovely vintage slip got some pink and cream attention in the form of tulle, lace, and chiffon. More of these to come, including long versions of full slips for vintage inspired weddings! They are available HERE ~ Brides will be so happy:

$260.00 (including domestic shipping)

$ 88.00 (including domestic shipping)

hope you all come up with some interesting names!
ciao chickadees!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


ok, the blog is good to go for now, I know it could be more exciting, but at least it's got a profile pic and a banner. I don't know why but the profile never did work the way it was supposed to. I was just determined that I was not going to quit, so I'm happy now that it's done. I'm not great with photoshop either, and I've been scared to mess around with it, but that part was pretty painless. So I had that achy eye/ head -staring at the computer screen for too long thing when I got done.
I have to go back to the doctor today for a really annoying infection that they didn't take care of the first time. They said, Oh, we think it's this, and I knew it wasn't, and had to go through the once a year yucky exam, and they treated me for the thing that it wasn't anyway. So it's been a week, and I still feel lower abdominal pain and have to go to the bathroom every 5 seconds, and I'm going back in there today. Someone will pay! JK, but I pray that it gets fixed, because it's kind of ruining my vacation.
I haven't seen much of my daughter lately, which kind of depresses me. We go through these little waves of having fun hanging out together, and then not so much. It seems that when you're 14, you'd rather be anywhere, even it it's Mars, as long as you're not at home. It's funny because I've been so enjoying being at home. Sleeping in, sitting and having tea, watching Mad About You and the Nanny reruns that are on during the day. (We don't have cable, not because of the expense, but I think between the 3 of us, the tv would never shut off). I'd be addicted to HGTV for sure, and I'd be nervous to think what my daughter would watch- not healthy stuff I'm sure. There is bad enough stuff on regular tv sometimes.
Well, I did manage to make one thing yesterday in between relaxing, grilling, and driving Sasha to and fro. I really like how it turned out, and I'm crazy in love with this Martha Stewart Smoky quartz glitter!

~I really like the unusual wire bail I made, and one of my tiny fabric flowers~
Darn, I keep forgetting I have to be in Firefox to make links and stuff, it just doesn't work in Safari. That was the main problem with making changes to my header- you have to have Internet Explorer or Firefox, or some of the icons that are supposed to be there are just not there. Anyway, I have this glitter in 3 colors now, and I love, love, love it, but the only bad thing is, no matter how careful I am, it finds it's way onto everything. My face, my hair, my clothes, other people. I'll look over at my husband, and he'll have a tiny touch of glitter on his face. Oops!
I saw this little tray at Michael's yesterday where there is a hole tube thingy on one end, and when you get done glittering whatever you're doing, you just pour it through the tube back into the container. It was $7.99, and I was thinking, How is that very different from what I do now? The stuff will still stick to EVERYTHING on the planet anyway!
I know the new martha stewart stuff is kind of pricey, but the glitter is about the same as your every day run-of-the-mill glitter, so I just treat myself sometimes. Simple pleasures, eh? ~caio for now, girls~

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


ok, ye old blog is going to look kinda wonky for the next day or so, because I'm trying to revamp. I've already wiped out my links, and will have to go back in and manually replace them, so if you are left out for now, don't take it personally! I can't do much from my mac, so I have to email my pics to my husband's windows machine, and I have no idea what to do with them on there. I shall figure it out, no matter what it takes! My dear readers, prepare to be stunned by the beauty of my new version- ok, maybe not stunned, but at least you'll have a pretty banner to look at, finally! Keep your fingers crossed that this will work~ caio for now!