Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sneak peek

first of all, thanks to Amy for the wonderful info. about a future possible gorgeous model :) And now a small sneak peek~ this little apron isn't exactly what the new shop is going to be full of, (it will have variety of course- it is me after all), but a peek all the same.

...more to come-


amy said...

You're welcome...
I LOVE the apron. Can't wait to shop for my daughter!

Anonymous said...


goldpaws said...

I found your blog after reading your article in Somerset Studio. I love your little scrabble tiles.
I am also an elementary art teacher. This is my 15th year actually. I read in your blog that you are quitting after this year to pursue your art full time. I wish you the all the best in your creative endeavors! Good for you for being able to follow your passion. I wish I had more time to be creative when I get home from school but as you know, it is an exhausting job.
best of luck!