Sunday, April 06, 2008

spring break

ok, I have about 10 days off to gear up for the last 6 weeks of school - then all of my faithful readers won't have to hear about how I can't wait to be a small business owner only, and not a teacher anymore. I promise!
I'm going to try and accomplish the following this week:
1) clean out the fridge --spotless.
2) be a sewing MACHINE. (I've always wanted a t-shirt that says "I AM a sewing machine") ~~Some of this weekends' progress:

3) do a tree painting for my living room. (already got the canvas ready)
4) hire someone to do a banner for the new shop (already conversing with someone)
5) photo shoot with someone for the new avatar - - with mardi gras mask (oooohh, aren't you intrigued now?)
6) take little one to get her learners permit (not worried at all, she's a great driver! She's been on wheels of some sort since her first bike at 1 1/2)
7) Re-organize bedroom that is overflowing with fabric and craft stuff, which means I'll be reorganizing all of the other crafting spots in the house, and we are going to rearrange the living room.
8) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day (I gave up on the 2 hour ugliness from a few posts ago, I just don't have the time - or energy!)
9) Re-upholster top of husbands' desk after chopping 6 inches off of one end. We really need the six inches in the living room, and I already covered it in distressed leather, so all I have to do is unstaple one end, saw, and re-staple.
10) Possibly sweep and organize the back patio now that winter is over, so we can not be an embarrassment to the neighbors.
11) Hang new curtain rods that have been leaning up against the wall for 2 months.
12) almost forgot...TAXES! ugh.
ok, I'll stop for now, because I don't want to overwhelm myself :)
Oh yeah, relax on the couch and watch "What Not to Wear" every day at 11 am central time on TLC. I am so addicted to this show! Some of the poor people who get nominated for this show -- I can't even fathom their clothing! And then when they accept the fact that they can find clothes that make their bodies look better, then it's so exciting to see them get new hairstyles and makeup. (Although I think sometimes the hair guy could choose better styles).


Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

wow- that is a very ambitious list! I hope you got done what you wanted!! I had a similar list. I didn't make it past #2. Oh well... Love that skirt, very cute. I noticed it on etsy doing a search on 'yo yo' and i glanced at it and thought, 'oh, isn't that cute!' and then came here and there it was again!! Can't wait to see the new shop unveiled! hope you had a great weekend! Lisa

cyn the win said...

Found your blog from your etsy site. I'm a fellow seamstress as well. I LOVE the idea of having a shirt? that says "I am a sewing machine." Ain't that the truth? I would buy it if someone offered it on etsy.

I love your list. Ambitious!

Courtney said...

I LOVE your wrap skirt!! Cute, cute!

Courtney said...

Me again... I wanted to say something else about the skirts you put in your shop...
I love that you make them in real people sizes! Nothing irks me more than to find a cute skirt that only comes in a size 2/4. That's just wrong.