Monday, April 28, 2008

summers a comin'

I reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally need a summer haircut, like right now. I don't know why but I have a giant phobia of getting my haircut. Must be all those short haircuts I had growing up. I used to actually put my poncho on my head and pretended like it was long hair. So now I'm 37 and I have hair all the way down my back. I think when you have something for so long, it would just be weird without it. But I want a shorter style that I can do more with. I guess this means I'm finally getting older, because I'm ready for change. I bet my readers get so sick of hearing me talk about aging, but it's really freakin' me out!
So, I'll probably opt for a shoulder length layered style, like I did 2 haircuts ago, and then I let it grow for a year or 2, and then repeat the cycle. I actually did try angled bangs a few years ago, but my hairline doesn't want to lay like that, so it was a constant battle. (My hairstylist has always tried to get me to come in every 6 months, but that just seems extreme to me!)
I've been wanting the posh spice bob for awhile, except a little longer in the back. I think short hair is actually more work though, because right now I can pretty much get up, comb, throw it in a ponytail, and go. Not that it looks cute.
so please dear readers, post links to cute short and medium styles for me. I need help.

Monday, April 21, 2008


do you ever feel like you self-monitor when you blog? I think I second guess myself too much, and sometimes I feel like using this space as a journal, but I try to pull myself back at the last minute.
I was so excited about quitting my job, but then this weekend the fear started to creep back in. I start worrying, "Can I really do this? What about the security of teaching? I'll be a one woman sweat shop, and I'll never be able to take a week off"...etc. etc. I need that confidence to well up inside me and take over, and sometimes it's hard to find. There is such a fear of the unknown.
We had a guest pastor speak at church this weekend, and he works with at-risk youth here in Omaha. His message was about actually allowing yourself to dream, and how it's so easy for us as humans to let past disappointments kind of numb us to the point where we don't even think things are possible anymore.
Maybe that's why I have always related to children better than adults. They are less censoring of themselves (if I said that right), and they are still in that place where they dream and imagine totally outrageous things sometimes. But many situations in my childhood have caused me to lose that inner child at times. I need to let her live sometimes.
I can remember laying in the grass as a kid and gazing at the cloudy blue sky, and finding shapes and animals in the puffiness. It's important for us to still allow ourselves to lay in the grass, and let time slow down for a bit.
Maybe spring has me dreaming of the lazy days of summer already. I don't know, as I realize that I'm REALLY getting older now, this is for real, that I don't want life to pass me by without dreaming and enjoying... and living.
I think for a long time I was scared to really live. Fear of public speaking (MAJOR- still have it), intense fear whenever I fly, fear of the water (I failed swimming lessons at 11), among other fears... it's just fear of living. I am realizing I can't control every variable that could ever happen to me. I can't control everything. Wow, is this post turning into one of those self-enlightened moments? Basically though, trying to control everything means that I... what am I afraid of really?
Well, at least at this point in my life I'm learning to play. I posted a while back on letting more color into my life, and not being so neutral. I think allowing myself to do that means I'm not as scared to be seen or noticed. The color is really exploding now-

my husband is like, wow, you're really into the pinks and greens, aren't you? He thinks it's pretty (in his caveman sort of way), but I really think that having a shop and creating on a more regular basis than I did before has brought out more confidence to try new things - and more colors. I guess normal people don't equate color to happiness, but it makes total sense to me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new arrival...

ok, I don't have enough inventory for a photo shoot yet, but I had my 'grand opening' yesterday :)

I was mainly procrastinating on finishing my taxes :( but I was happy to accomplish both.
~also, I can check off 'clean refrigerator' off of my spring break list. (maybe not spotless, but clean)
...on to the next list...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Ok, learners permit - check
rearrange living room, bedroom, craft and fabric supplies - check
that's about it so far, and it's Thursday! Must get busy. I've been working so hard on orders, I don't feel like I've even had a vacation yet, and everytime we rearrange one area of the house, it affects every other area. So trying to create more studio space for me affects the kitchen, bedroom, hallway, dining room, etc.
Someday we'll have a bigger house and I can sprawl all my stuff out, but for now, space conservation is of the utmost importance. I'll take pics when it's not so rainy and gray. I know this means spring is here though, so I don't mind.

Also, I've got some jewelry in the upcoming book, 1000 Jewelry Inspirations, available for pre-order on It looks like it's going to be a really nice addition to my crafty bookshelf ~ check it out!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

spring break

ok, I have about 10 days off to gear up for the last 6 weeks of school - then all of my faithful readers won't have to hear about how I can't wait to be a small business owner only, and not a teacher anymore. I promise!
I'm going to try and accomplish the following this week:
1) clean out the fridge --spotless.
2) be a sewing MACHINE. (I've always wanted a t-shirt that says "I AM a sewing machine") ~~Some of this weekends' progress:

3) do a tree painting for my living room. (already got the canvas ready)
4) hire someone to do a banner for the new shop (already conversing with someone)
5) photo shoot with someone for the new avatar - - with mardi gras mask (oooohh, aren't you intrigued now?)
6) take little one to get her learners permit (not worried at all, she's a great driver! She's been on wheels of some sort since her first bike at 1 1/2)
7) Re-organize bedroom that is overflowing with fabric and craft stuff, which means I'll be reorganizing all of the other crafting spots in the house, and we are going to rearrange the living room.
8) Exercise at least 30 minutes a day (I gave up on the 2 hour ugliness from a few posts ago, I just don't have the time - or energy!)
9) Re-upholster top of husbands' desk after chopping 6 inches off of one end. We really need the six inches in the living room, and I already covered it in distressed leather, so all I have to do is unstaple one end, saw, and re-staple.
10) Possibly sweep and organize the back patio now that winter is over, so we can not be an embarrassment to the neighbors.
11) Hang new curtain rods that have been leaning up against the wall for 2 months.
12) almost forgot...TAXES! ugh.
ok, I'll stop for now, because I don't want to overwhelm myself :)
Oh yeah, relax on the couch and watch "What Not to Wear" every day at 11 am central time on TLC. I am so addicted to this show! Some of the poor people who get nominated for this show -- I can't even fathom their clothing! And then when they accept the fact that they can find clothes that make their bodies look better, then it's so exciting to see them get new hairstyles and makeup. (Although I think sometimes the hair guy could choose better styles).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sneak peek

first of all, thanks to Amy for the wonderful info. about a future possible gorgeous model :) And now a small sneak peek~ this little apron isn't exactly what the new shop is going to be full of, (it will have variety of course- it is me after all), but a peek all the same.

...more to come-