Friday, January 30, 2009


sorry for my absence dear readers, I've been 'hibernating'. Oh how I wish. I have the Midwest - freezing temperature - dirty grimy car - can't make it up the hill to my house because of the ice - keep losing gloves so all I have left is mismatched pairs - can't leave the house with wet hair in the morning so I have to get up earlier because it takes an hour to dry this bird's nest - miss my flip flops and tired of wearing boots everyday - my little doggie has forgotten what grass looks like - I need more color in my life than WHITE!!!!!!!!! - winter doldrums.
Well, it's almost February, which means it's almost March, so I think I'll survive. I'm planning a moving to a more mild climate within the next couple of years. It's just not worth it to live somewhere this miserable. Life is too short!!!
I've been working on other things since etsy has been in the crapper lately. I cannot read anymore threads about the batch relistings anymore. Views and sales are terrible, so I'm working on bigger and better things.... just a little tease there ;)
so, for my spring collection, I've been working on some lovely neck bling~

and the feminine, vintage inspired spring collection:

these probably will just be sold in boutiques, I don't know if I'll put them in my etsy shop or not....

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

as promised...

I found some time today to rewatch "Duchess" with Kiera Knightley before I returned it to the video place. Kiera Knightley's costumes and adornments were such beautiful eye candy, and as promised, here is one of the neck corsages I made that were inspired by all the lovliness:

more silky colors coming...