Wednesday, December 26, 2007


aahhhhh, the day after Christmas. So free of the running around, frantically trying to figure out what everyone wants, and do I have enough $$ for all of it. I wanted to take the handmade pledge and all that, but I have a hard time doing handmade for the guys. They are the worst!
So I did enjoy making some handmade goodies for the nieces ~ one was a fabric tool roll for crochet hooks and things like that. I ended up debating on it for so long that I finally made it half an hour before we left for their house. I think she liked it though.
I also procrastinated on it because I decided it was a perfect sunny day to have a photo shoot. As today is my one year anniversary over at my shop, I wanted to revamp my banner and avatar. So, I relished in being very narcissistic and put on makeup and all that. Here's the old 'summery' one:

and here's some of the new choices:

~with the 'supermodel' fan going:

and I think this angle looks 'artsy', but my hubby thinks I look mad:

It's kind of frustrating to take 800 pictures of yourself and not really be happy with any of them, but I guess that's the way it goes. I also have a 'before biggest loser competition' full length pic of myself, which I will not be posting today, thank you very much. I may however post it in May, as I'm hoping the 'after biggest loser competition' photo will be much better. (fingers crossed). My faithful readers may remember me talking about this competition last year, but I got motivated way too late, and it was impossible to catch up to the person in the lead, who had intelligently started losing 2 to 3 pounds a week from the actual beginning. Darn those smart dieters!
So, I have already started eating smarter, and have been working out every day, even though it's Christmas break. I did not partake of any of those chocalatey cookies on the coffee table at the family get together last night! Yeah me!
So, now off to the gym~

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


wow, could somebody please go back in time to about 3 weeks ago and tell me that life and the shop are about to get REALLY BUSY!!!! That would be oh so helpful. ok, enough of my complaining about doing what I love~ ha ha
We had a tiny ice storm (really odd freezing drippy rain)

So, I stayed inside most of the day being creative:

~these little tags were so fun to make. I just started rummaging through my gigantic pile of collage images and stained the edges, and of course added some sparkly stuff. I used torn cotton fabric for the hangers. I have been crazy for torn fabric lately. Whether I'm making a cord for a pendant, or sewing a wrist cuff, or whatever, torn fabric just makes everything look so gorgeous and vintagey! My friend Rene' would love these, I just know it. Hey Rene', we should have a crafty nite and make a ton of these~ next year of course, because both of us are WAAAAAAAAAY too swamped to indulge ourselves anytime in the next 3 weeks. Honestly, I think she's even busier than I am.
On the kid front, my baby made the basketball team in high school, so I am so stoked about that. If I get a great shot of her in action on the court, I may have to violate my own rule about no kid pictures on the blog.
~one last creative thing:

...well, off to find the perfect Christmas gift for my little sporty one. caio!