Thursday, April 23, 2009

pretty spring

my bustle shop was on the front page the other day, which doesn't happen as often as my other shop, just because I don't have enough items in there. It usually sits at around 20 items, whereas deciduoussoul is usually around 100.
It's just a baby still, but it's going to get a lot of love this summer.
I've finally gotten my serger back from the repair shop (who kept my manual and an actual piece of my machine! After 4 months of being in the shop and several phone calls from me reminding them they still had it, I'm surprised I even got part of it back)
The missing piece does not affect the functioning of the machine, though, so I've already made 2 skirts in 2 days with it.
Oh how I've missed the speedy whirring of that machine!
So, lots of new kids dresses and ruffle pants coming, maybe I shouldn't say 'lots', because I don't know how much time I'll have.
I haven't seen my little model since last summer - she's probably grown 3 inches at least!
More bridal slip dresses are in the works as well.
It's finally nice weather here, so I'm off to take a walk on my lunch break and enjoy the sun and the exercise. I've sat through so many freezing soccer games in the last month I thought it would never get warm again~ ta ta!

Friday, April 10, 2009

my dress form has all the fun!!!

Madame coco, which is what my curvy metal dress form was named, gets to wear the prettiest little lovelies:) She now has a new sister, who we'll have to have a contest for soon to give her a name befitting of her beauty, and she is pink!

Madame Coco won't be jealous though, because she is beautiful in her own sculptural way.
Finished another vintage slip skirt today, and the studio is trashed. Every time I get involved in a project I love, there ends up being snippets and piles of tons of things strewn about. No pics of the studio for you, but some of the skirt.

there have been some lovely spring brides lately!
ta ta