Wednesday, November 25, 2009

turkey day

hmmm, planning thanksgiving menu...
I have only made thanksgiving dinner once before, so I don't really have tried and true items that I've made a hundred times before.
** turkey, of course (I used a recipe last time where you stick lemons and oranges inside, and it came out great, so I'll probably do that again
** homemade rolls, I found a recipe with onions in it, in a cookbook called 'guilt free cooking'
** stuffing (or dressing as some call it) - I saw Rachel Ray on 30 min. meals make one with apples and onions, and she put mounds of it into a muffin pan and baked it, so it's already in individual portions and gets crispy, so I think I might try that.
** something with sweet potatoes, probably a dessert. I had 'sweet potato pie' as a kid that I've never been able to find a recipe for, but I keep trying different things.
** green beans, but I don't know if I'll do the regular old green bean casserole. I might blanche them quickly and then saute them with garlic
** Sasha is going to make a dessert. She wanted to make a tiny cake like the one she saw on the "CAKE BOSS" on TLC, (he made it in an easybake oven!), but then she saw a yummy looking picture of sugar cookie type bars with melted chocolate and m&m's on top, so she is making that.
** Potatoes that my sweet friend is making and bringing with her, so I don't have to worry about that
** cranberry something!!! I usually make this raspberry jello mixed with cranberries combination that has whipped cream and cream cheese mixed together on top, with nuts, but no one seems to like it except me, so I'm looking for something different.
I think that about covers it, plus I have to make the house look presentable.
I have had all these ideas lately like I want to empty out all of my cupboards and cabinets and clean them all, and put all my rice and grain type food into jars, and re-do all of my flour and sugar containers, but that will have to wait until after turkey day :)
fall cleaning, I guess?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

giveaway winner~

sorry I'm late with my drawing guys, it's been a crazy weekend! We drew Becky's name out of a cute litte doily basket, (sorry we did it late in the evening and I failed to take a picture!)
Congrats! and thanks for playing everyone. Last time I did a giveaway there were a lot more names in my basket, but maybe everyone is away from the computer lately.
Please contact me Becky and I will get your address. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

time for a giveaway :)

ok, dear readers.... I haven't done a giveaway for a while now, and I was thinking now that I was able to get my 'followers' box to show up in sidebar again, I'm a little obsessed with checking to see who my new followers are each day.
To be entered into this giveaway, you must:
1. click to 'follow' my blog
2. leave a comment on THIS post, telling me which of the following goodies you would like:

(choose any color available in my shop: pink, red, cream, latte, espresso, gray, black, yellow, aqua, etc. - pretty much any color you can think of, I have it.)
a little house ornament to hang from your Christmas tree, or sit on your mantle : (yours will be made at time of drawing, so may differ slightly from the ones in the picture)

oh, the excitement!!!!
Contest will run until Nov. 13 (Friday the 13th!!!)

Monday, November 02, 2009

my daughter took these photos, and I love the textures!

I'm going to come up with some photography assignments for her since I home school her half time. I think she has an eye for composition~ I know, I know, I'm just the mom :) She did get some gold stars on flickr though!