Sunday, June 28, 2009

wide open spaces

I spent all afternoon yesterday dying slips. I'm sure my neighbors are wondering why I have so many slips, and several of them in repeat colors. I love being an alchemist! It's so fun seeing how the colors will turn out, and mixing and stirring.
I wish I had a giant yard, with no houses nearby, and a huge old-fashioned clothesline. I'd love to look out of my kitchen window and see the slips sprawled out across the green, with the big blue sky behind. And of course a gentle breeze to make them flow even prettier.
And then I could walk down to the creek at the end of my property, and collect acorns and leaves on the way back to the house.

Friday, June 26, 2009

summer strolls

I'm taking the time this summer to stroll through Omaha's lovely 'old market', feelin' light and lovely in my new slip skirts:

I'm going to keep wearing them in the fall, over jeans, but for now I'm trying to enjoy the muggy summer air. Someday I'll live in a place with weather that is awesome more than 2 days out of the year....
At least these lovely shops are about 1 minute from my house:

enjoy the rest of this photographer's photostream and your summer strolling!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

he's quite perceptive, you know

there's something so liberating about not wearing make up for days at a time, and piling my wild hair up on top of my head to get it out of my eyes, and wearing pajama pants and big cozy sweatshirts that may or may not have stains on them. Aaaahhhh, summer. Actually since I started working (crafting, playing, etc. ) from home 3 days a week during the school year, my darling husband probably sees me like this more than I care to think about.
Although the other day he looked at me straight in the face, and said "you know, I was just thinking the other day how you are so beautiful lately". I was a bit shocked, to say the least, but he's not one to add fluff or make meaningless statements, so I'm going to believe that the 'no make up, wild birds' nest up-do' is actually a good look for me :)
I used to never ever in a million years leave the house without make up, for fear that I would for sure see people from my past and they would wonder what the heck happened to her?, but I think as we get older, we learn to enjoy ourselves more, and care less about what others think. Although I would be absolutely mortified to run into anyone I know looking like this.
I'm trying to force myself to take a day off for lounging and reading, but so far I haven't managed to do it. I guess that's what happens when you love what you do!
I've got a few fun, patchy ruffly skirts that I cut out ages ago, and am now finally having the gusto to piece them together. I wonder how many of my readers would get the following question right:
I spend __________ hours per week deciding on whether zippers are the way to go, or debating on if substituting elastic is a more comfortable and easy choice. (And defending the decision back and forth in my head)
A. 2 hours
B. 4 hours
C. 6 hours
I really don't know how many hours, but it's a lot. Plus, elastic is soooooo much better if you've indulged in a few too many everything bagels lately~
The skirts have really cute vintage-y ruffles though, and another funny thing my husband asked yesterday, (and quite perceptive as well), is "Are you in a ruffle-y period, like you know how Picasso had his blue period and his rose period?"
I was a bit stunned! that's what I get for marrying such a smarty pants. Hopefully pics of the new skirts tomorrow, and I'm trying to post a few tutorials for you all too.

Monday, June 08, 2009

stormy weather

I love the rain, and it's been raining a lot lately. It's great for sleeping, even when the thunder gets really loud. I'm enjoying a few weeks off from work before I start teaching summer school, and even though I don't really take days off from sewing, it feels nice to stay up and sleep in late. I know it's good for the farmers :)

lovely storm photo found here
Although there is a weird smell in my new (used) Jeep, so I have to figure out if there's a leak or something. ??? It's so nice to drive something that you don't fear is going to break down at any given moment - my poor saturn had a few miles shy of 200,000, so it's ready for a rest.
I've had a ton of deadlines lately, for various things, but it feels good to cross things off of my list. Upcoming goodies in Somerset Studio - Belle Armoire to be exact, although I don't know what issue yet. Those ladies over there are the sweetest people imaginable to work with! So kind and thoughtful, and willing to help... I just can't say enough good things about them, really.
work in progress:

I'm still creatively pulled in soooooo many different directions, and I'm still learning to accept that it's just 'my way' I guess. I love to do so many different things.
There are also many other things I'd like to know how to do, but I guess someday during retirement I'll work on those~ crocheting (is that a word?) lace, mastering photoshop and fancy cameras, making my own website, fixing cars, playing the piano.... on and on. There's so many things to explore in life!
But I can't stop thinking about that one line of advice in that post about photography awhile back - "You can't specialize in everything".
That phrase has run through my head so many times in the last month, because I am so guilty of trying to do that! I think focus is very important. They don't call someone a 'master carpenter' or a 'master teacher' , etc., for nothing.
Note to self: Learn to master one thing, and do it well. One can hope I guess.