Thursday, April 29, 2010

upcoming workshops

As promised, there will be another 'etsy success' workshop within the next few weeks, just deciding on the location for the event. Several of you have emailed me and either had a friend take the other workshops I've taught, or heard about it on facebook.
It is a really nice overview of the basics of setting up a shop to different strategies you can use to make sales and get your name out there. Feedback on all the workshops I've taught so far has been wonderful! I really started teaching these due to the overwhelming questions and advice sought by so many Omahans, and I never realized how many budding entrepreneurs were living so close to me!
Also I'll be doing some artsy/craftsy workshops as well, and I've really been enjoying teaching adults since most of my teaching for the last 11 years has been kids- (although I have so much fun with them:)
Please leave me comments as to what types of crafts you all would love to see in some of these workshops, and remember I love sewing, but also have taught workshops on watercolor (which I love and don't get a chance to do as often as I'd like to), wire sculpture, collage/ mixed media, and even photography.
I usually use an LCD projector and show lots of examples, since most of you are visual learners as I am, it really helps.
By the way, thanks to all the wonderfully talented ladies at the American Sewing Guild- my speech was very well received and I learned so much from them as well! What an amazing array of talent and skills they possess!!
Please add me on facebook if you'd like to see dates and times for the workshops :)