Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend plans

I am honored to be giving a speech tomorrow for the Omaha Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. The group invited me to talk about my interest in sewing and how I turned that into a business. It will be fun to meet so many other sewing enthusiasts!
Then I'm off to the second softball game of the season~ hoping it will be a little warmer than the soccer games have been. We are actually going to try and grill out on Sunday afternoon after another softball game, so it should be a fun-filled weekend.
although I'm sure spending time in the backyard will just make me think about all the upcoming yard work that needs to be done. That kind of sounds cathartic right about now though, after such a cold, snowy winter.
spring is finally here!!!
Still catching up on dress orders though, and everyone's prom date is looming, so I have to do a lot of sewing tonight before I can take a much needed break.

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