Monday, April 12, 2010

nice weather plans

things I want to do within the next 2 weeks:
~ visit the zoo with sasha and let her take lots of pictures with her new camera

~ dreamily sketch new designs for summer, without actually doing any work on them until I've had time to rest
~ meet with a bunch of new girls who may be joining the craft mafia :)
~ have lots of tea/coffee dates with my friends, preferrably on someone's patio or deck
~ shopping in the old market

~ work in the yard, it is sooooooo ready for some attention

~ actually go to the gym a few times a week, rather than telling myself I don't have time
~ finish all pending orders and SHIP THEM OFF! (before all above tasks)
~ get a hair cut

~ find some cute summer shoes!

~ sell things from shed and house to clean out space
~ sit through a LOT of soccer and softball games watching my girl! aaaahhhhh, spring is finally here!!!