Wednesday, June 04, 2008

trial and error

well, I'm full swing into creative mode for summer (yay!), and you all know I love to make hats -see my sold items from last summer, because I lost all of the photos from the mac I had to give back :(
So I've had this idea for awhile to make some newsboys caps for kids, and since I have my first photo shoot with the little one this week, I decided to get down to business and make one. I should have started with muslin, but I thought, "Oh, this will be no problem, and it will come out perfect." First attempt:

doesn't this remind you of something?

exactly. My daughter and I were watching a movie around midnight as I was experimenting with my shapes. So my models head would have to be about the size of a doll in order for this to fit, and the onion dome architecture shape would me more like Santa's elf style than cute-sassy-little-girl-style.
It gave us a good laugh, though:)
So this is how it looked an hour later, with wider panels in the cap:

aaaahhhhhh.... much better. If only I were 5 years old, I could wear this :)


Betsy said...

I love your hat!! I wish I was five...I would wear your hat!

christine said...

Absolutely adorable. I love making hats too. Nice work here!