Tuesday, June 17, 2008

lazy...not so much... days of summer

wow, 2 (?) weeks or so into summer vacation, and I kind of feel like I haven't rested yet. I got sick on my last day of work, and it turned into sinus infection/bronchitis. Then I finally dragged myself to the doctor, and the antibiotics I got gave me hives. Since I don't have a 'family doctor' who knows me and my health history, they said I'd have to come back in, pay another copayment, have another appt. and get a different rx. I said no thanks. I lived with the hives.
So now I'm full speed ahead, working on both shops. I still want to name 'carnivale' something else before I start making sales, but I don't know what. Maybe something with the word 'blue' because I love aqua so much, maybe something with the word 'forest', I don't know. I have had a really hard time coming up with anything good.
I want to work on some academic stuff with S. while she's out of school, but it seems like she's been out and about a lot, and I've been behind my desk. I also want to take her on some photo-shooting excursions since she has the photography bug.
I've been a little obsessed with covered buttons lately - I've wanted to make them for a long time, and they are great for instant gratification. Very quick and easy:

I still have lots of itty bitty scraps of all my favorite fabrics, so it's perfect.

I've also been planning on some more clothing for myself this summer, because all of a sudden it was like- "I have absolutely nothing to wear" every time I needed to leave the house. That seems to happen about once every 3 years or so.
Then I got SUPER frustrated, because I'd find a cute dress at Target or something, and there were lots of XS, S, and XL, but nothing in the middle! It has happened to me so many times in the last few shopping trips, I ended up buying some things online, but the rest will be made by me! Soooooooo frustrating. Why don't they order more of the 'normal' sizes if they know that's what is going to sell the most?
I've had so many people email me and thank me for making 'real woman' sizes in my shop, but really, I just make the original sample my size, and then offer customs (if I have enough of the fabric). That way if it doesn't sell, I can wear it. Sure I'd like to be a size 2 or 4, but I'm not, and I don't foresee that happening anytime in the near future.

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