Thursday, May 29, 2008

the "office"

from the hallway:

so I thought on my last day in my cinder block "office" I would take some pics for my dear readers who have listened to me complain for the last year. Actually it's a kiln closet (see the kiln tucked away under the table at the far back). I was very grateful for the quiet space, actually, because the alternative was a half-cubicled area off to the side of a loud hallway right by a major kids restroom area and the cafeteria. So this was much better! I cannot think with a lot of noise, and a school with over 1,000 elementary students can get just a wee bit loud :)
this one is from the inside:

so today I say 'farewell' to my cinder block office... I have loved you (not really), I have hated you (really), and now onto the next phase of my life. I'm wishing all of you a beautiful beginning to your summer ~ enjoy your children, enjoy your gardens, enjoy the weather!
I leave you with a picture of a different kind, to make you think of warm summer days: taken by my daughter, who is becoming very interested in photography, and even started her own flickr this week :)

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