Saturday, October 06, 2007


ahhhhhh, Saturday morning. It's the best feeling when you wake up without an alarm clock. Every other morning of the week, I say to myself, 4 more days 'til Saturday, or 3 more days- etc. This particular morning I must look pretty scary, because I took a shower right before bed last night. And because my hair is 1. long, 2. thick, and 3. Naturally wavy, when I sleep on it wet, it turns into this giant, frizzy, wavy halloween-looking wig. But I couln't care less. I've had 11 hours of sleep, and after I help Sasha do her hair and make up for a wedding, the next 12 hours will be a creative fest. I have lots of new skirts in the works, and some jewelry. I've got to squeeze in a workout at the gym though. I told myself I would go yesterday, but I get so involved in my projects, I just can't pull myself away. I've got to do it for myself though, I feel sooooo much better when I work out on a regular basis.
So the dress I made yesterday and the skirts I'm finishing today are pretty cool. My creativity is flowing into this romantic, victorian vibe, and I'm loving all the beautiful bits and notions like velvet ribbon and wide beautiful lace.

So next Saturday is Homecoming, and my little baby is going on a 'formal' date with her guy. She's not really allowed to date until she's 16, but I told her this is a little different. They won't be alone, and will be dropped off and picked up by a parent. The school is very strict about kids can't leave and come back, so I feel very comfortable. She is such a little tomboy, I thought shopping for dresses would be a nightmare, but she found one for the wedding today and one for homecoming at the same store, and I'm glad she had 2 events to buy for, because she couldn't decide between 2 dresses. She was so excited after she tried them on! She said she didn't think she would look good in a dress, so she was really happy when she did.
I want to post pics, but I try not to ever put her face on the internet. Maybe a headless girl would be ok?

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