Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Wow, I have been so tired this week. Re-doing Sasha's room (lime green with hot pink splatters), bought her a new bed, had to put it together, not to mention grades were due this week. There's only 1000 kids! Anyway, the house, as always, is still in progress. I got a good shot of the distressed maple floors we installed last summer, -don't get me started on that one, and managed to rearrange my studio area (corner) to my liking. My husband is really good at making a place where there never was one, and I'm really good at space conservation, so it works.

The leopard chair on the left was my first foray into reupholstery a couple of years ago, and the zebra chair on the right was way more complicated, and I'm not sure why I always pick animal prints when I redo furniture?
Did a nice trade today with Jenn from StilettoHeights on etsy today, so I have to say goodbye to my beloved Asian purse design:( Oh well, she said she needed a change from her Prada, so apparently I am in fine company! What a compliment:)

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