Saturday, June 12, 2010

color splash!

I know, I know, that name is already taken by the amazing David Bromstad, who you all know I love so much, but that's all I could think of to describe what's on my work table right now:

hmmmm, I see a theme emerging here? :)
lots of new hair accessories, some wedding-worthy, along with a ton of other little beauties that can be used in different ways.
I'm having a great time so far working with color this spring, especially after such a white winter.
We are also planning a graduation trip next summer to Alaska!! I don't travel that often, so we are starting to save now. I have never been there, so I need to research how the weather and temperatures will be during the summer months. If you've ever been there or if you live there, suggestions on places to visit and see would be greatly appreciated. I know there are train trips you can take too, so I'm looking in to that as well.

I'm looking forward to a special trip with my special girl when she finishes high school- ahhhh!


Honey Lamb and I said...

We took a cruise through Alaska last fall and it was beautiful!!! You are going to have a ball!!! ~Shelley

Shona Cole said...

i have never been there, so you will have to take lots of pictures! I love the colors you will be working with, nice and cheerful.

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