Friday, June 18, 2010

breezy weather

aaaahhhh, a sure sign of warm summer breezes at my house... dyed slips hanging on the line.

there's something about clothes hanging on the clothesline that makes me remember the big green yards of the south where I spent a good part of my childhood. Gorgeous quilts sewn by hand with colorful patterns were normal decor. The lady down the street from us had chickens so we could buy fresh eggs from her for a quarter. Moms and grandmas taught daughters how to sew and bake, and how to enjoy working hard. "elbow grease" was a term I heard quite often. I have that pioneer spirit in me for sure, where pies were made from scratch, as were dresses, and family was cherished. DIY was part of everyday life, and I still watch Little House on the Prairie whenever I see a rerun on tv.

No matter how busy we get, and all of our running from here to there, I hope we can all make a little time this summer to relish in the domestic chores that would otherwise seem mundane. True honest work, that is done well, is something we should be proud of. I'm planning to do some actual cooking, which is not an area I'm especially creative in, because I feel like it's important to spend some time and energy on something real.
So let that dryer collect some dust for awhile, and get those aprons out girls!


Anonymous said...

yep...i remember those clothes lines...we had one...the way everything smelled especially bedsheets...when you laid you head upon your pillow at night, well it was sheer heaven...thank you for sharing...blessings Eden

stephjacobson said...

I'm sure my neighbors hate it, but I put up a clothesline this year. I love it!