Saturday, November 17, 2007

more merriment

Ok, I'm completely submersed in my holiday planning. I want to extend my color theme for christmas into more homey ornaments. So I'm thinking I'm going to do granny squares, with different rows of the chosen colors, and hang them as a diamond shape on the tree. Aqua, purple, black, red, and royal blue. We'll see how well I remember how to crochet. I made an entire blanket with 3 double crochets when I was 8, and have done little bits here and there since then.
Also, I've been using my tiny company stamp to make fabric labels for purses and clothing in the shop.
I think theyr'e so cute! I will do more later with screen printing ink.

still more coming soon!


Gina said...

wonderful idea! can't wait to see more!

liz elayne said...

that stamp is fantastic!

Close To Home said...

I am so impressed with your work...I want to sew someday like you. I haven't had much time to do the creative things I want, and you are very VERy inspiring to me. Thank you..your work is beautiful...and so soothing to look at. I found you on etsy as I was searching for bracelets/fabric cuffs! ;-) I am attempting to make vintage/embellished bracelets. I love some of the other work you've done..with paper. Anyways, feel free to visit me on my blog. My sister in law, LISA (I have a link to her on my blog) sews as well and I think should open up an Etsy shop right away. I will have to show her what you do!!!!

PINKA said...

lovely: did you use fabric ink?

I use my company stamp just on paper-labels (see my flickr). On my sewing i use woven labels ordered at FENKA.

I really like this idea to use on linen: it combines perfectly!