Wednesday, December 05, 2007


wow, could somebody please go back in time to about 3 weeks ago and tell me that life and the shop are about to get REALLY BUSY!!!! That would be oh so helpful. ok, enough of my complaining about doing what I love~ ha ha
We had a tiny ice storm (really odd freezing drippy rain)

So, I stayed inside most of the day being creative:

~these little tags were so fun to make. I just started rummaging through my gigantic pile of collage images and stained the edges, and of course added some sparkly stuff. I used torn cotton fabric for the hangers. I have been crazy for torn fabric lately. Whether I'm making a cord for a pendant, or sewing a wrist cuff, or whatever, torn fabric just makes everything look so gorgeous and vintagey! My friend Rene' would love these, I just know it. Hey Rene', we should have a crafty nite and make a ton of these~ next year of course, because both of us are WAAAAAAAAAY too swamped to indulge ourselves anytime in the next 3 weeks. Honestly, I think she's even busier than I am.
On the kid front, my baby made the basketball team in high school, so I am so stoked about that. If I get a great shot of her in action on the court, I may have to violate my own rule about no kid pictures on the blog.
~one last creative thing:

...well, off to find the perfect Christmas gift for my little sporty one. caio!


Gina said...

Oh so wonderous! I really love your tags. Have a happy holiday!

deb said...

Ooh, that necklace with the key is fabulous. Yay for being busy (kind of.) :)

PINKA said...

Love the vintage look. Wonder how you did it.

Tami R. said...

LOVE this charm pendant, Ellene! Thanks for sharing,
Tami R.