Monday, July 23, 2007

rollin' along

wow, the summer is flying by. I always get sad when I start seeing 'back to school' ads. My family knows not to even utter those words to me, and they even try to shield me from the signs and flyers. I've been puttering away on my projects, and still haven't decided on a name for my dress form. I've even had some lovely voters from etsy that read my blog. So sweet of everyone to help me out with ideas. I'll pick one in the next day or two-I promise!
Here are some pics of recent stuff~

I'm absolutely, positively in love with the peacock necklace, and sad to see it leave my possession tomorrow. It has sold and is going all the way to Hong Kong. The french script tote makes me sad to say goodbye too, but at least I still have that fabric, and can make another one for myself. The peacock was vintage dictionary paper, so unless I find another dictionary from the same year, I probably can't make another.
The tote was SO fun to make, especially the composition part. And I love these big, black, vintage looking buttons. This Lakehouse fabric with the french script has been one of those special love affairs. It's where you buy a few yards and feel guilty (I feel that way when I spend too much on fabric, which is pretty much ALL. THE. TIME.), and then a couple of days later you go back and buy the rest of the bolt because you're afraid someone else will buy it. No one else in town sells this stuff though, so I really had no choice. I told the department head, "please, please, please order some more of this, would you?"
Anyway, this tote is the perfect size for a girl on the go - throw in your cell phone (side pocket to protect it), lip stuff - of COURSE, wallet, business cards, sunscreen, book, and whatever else, and go. I can just imagine the comments and questions you'd get from people since it's so unusual. In my two favorite non-colors also, cream and black.

oh, how I will miss it so.

I've also been continuing my "Little House" series; there have been so many on the countryside, maybe I should do one "on the prairie" - one of my favorite shows from my childhood. I still watch the reruns with Sasha during the summer. I feel like they are tearjerkers sometimes, but I always can point out a good moral lesson for her, and she actually enjoys watching them. Ok, I'm off to watch "King of Queens" now, gotta go. LOVE this show! Caio for now!

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Your work is beautiful. I was just reading through some comments on one of the flicker groups and saw your little hearts by your name and just knew you would have a great blog. I am glad I found you. Delightful.