Sunday, July 15, 2007

medical and contest updates

Ok, I've gotten quite a few good name possibilities for my dress form, but I'm going to give it a few more days and see if anyone else wants to enter the naming contest. Remember I'll send a lovely package of handmade ♥ goodies ♥ to the namer that I pick. So keep 'em coming everybody! (See last post)
Well, I worked all weekend on the etsy contest SEWUSEFUL, and it was alot of work! wow. I am TIRED. Taking pictures at each step, explaining and measuring everything perfectly, etc. But three winners will receive a computerized Singer sewing machine. So keep your fingers crossed that one of my entries will win! One is a fabric ottoman, and the other is a really unusual toothbrush caddy idea.

On the medical front, I went through an entire round of antiobiotics and still felt bad, so they put me on detrol la, which sounds like something an elderly person that can't control their bladder function would need. At this point, I just hope it works. I'm tired of running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. My sister just graduated from nursing school, so I keep calling her asking her questions and describing all of my symptoms. She likes being able to answer the questions now, but after awhile, I bet doctors and nurses get really tired of it all.
We are finally planning our summer vacation, and we're thinking maybe we waited too long. I was hoping to rent a cabin somewhere in Minnesota maybe, because it's only 5 hours away, but there may not be any available. I'm going to try to find some fun fesivals too, like where the people show old-fashioned colonial crafts and stuff. I'm sure Sasha will be sooooo excited about that. She'd rather just go spend lots of money at Mall of America, and ride all the stuff they have in their amusement park. But, I'm hoping for a little get back to nature and quality family time. I just have to finish tiling my kitchen floor this week, and put new baseboards in our living room before I go anywhere. I'll choose the winner in the naming contest before I go though! I know you're all waiting with baited breath~ caio, girls!


Gina E. said...

Hi Ellene,
Thanks for visiting Patra's Place and leaving a comment - always great to see a new face! Good luck in the competition for the sewing machines - the ottoman looks good and the toothbrush caddy is...really unusual!!

liz elayne said...

these items are great! love love the ottoman!!
i hope this round of medication works...

and, hopefully you will find a cabin in MN. so beautiful up there...(well, i guess over there as i don't live in indiana anymore even if i think like i do when it come to geography).

Anonymous said...

How do you have time to lay a floor with all of your Etsy work!? You are good!