Saturday, June 23, 2007

Now the fun begins...

Yikes, it's been awhile since I checked in with y'all. sorry 'bout that. I finally finished the last kiddie class yesterday - UGH - and my little one's last softball tournament game was this morning. So after closing ceremonies in about an hour, I'm OFFICIALLY ON SUMMER VACATION! Finally, jeez. I know I shouldn't complain, but I've been ready for this break since about February (see older posts- ha ha). I've been having lots of fun playing with a bunch of new fabrics, and some old ones, and a ton of other jewelry stuff. Now I'm going to go full throttle ( or however they say that), and be prepared to be dazzled, ladies, because there is no stopping me now! Today I'm going to finish a skirt, probably start a new one because I've got some more applique ideas, and work on a fabric charm bracelet. I actually am remembering to take some pics DURING the process, instead of waiting until I'm done and wishing I had documented parts of it for you all. So here's the lovely fabric:

...and the cut out scraps:

I saw some adorable fabric charms made with eyelets somewhere in a craft book, and I thought it was another great way to use up tiny scraps that I just cannot bear to part with. I have a hoarding problem, btw. I buy really cute stuff for crafting, and then I just save it and can't bear to use it because it's just soooooo pretty. What if I run out? I know, it's dumb, but I'm working on actually using the stuff I love, and instead of rushing through a project to get it done, I'm trying to enjoy the process of laying out the design, and thinking and planning, etc. Here's another of my totes (my daughter and I use these for absolutely EVERYTHING on the go), and I had such a relaxing, enjoyable time laying out the pieces and coordinating the fabrics.

Of course it's not too hard to coordinate, because pretty much my entire fabric collection consists of black, white and red. I do try really hard to expand my horizons and throw some aqua in there, but I guess I just love neutrals. Sometimes I'll spend an hour meandering around Joann's, and I'll get to the cutting counter and place my stack up there to be cut, and the ENTIRE stack is black, brown, and cream. Oh well. See how much I blab on and on when I haven't posted for awhile? You guys will be so sick of me cuz now I'm gonna actually post a few times a week now that I'm on VACAAAAAATION! (sorry I can't help it) luv ya~ Caio!

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