Friday, June 08, 2007


wow, it's been very busy lately. I'm done with my first week of half day art classes that I'm teaching, so I'm officially on vacation for one week before doing it again. I haven't had time to get on flickr or various other things, like planting flowers, or laundry. This spring has been the first time I can ever remember not getting excited about planting anything. I'm not much of a gardener, but at least I could count on 3 weeks of sunny creativity. This year there's just too much crafting to be done inside, but, since I moved my 'studio' to the living room window, I think I'll put some potted plants on the front porch area so I'll have a beautiful view. In the 6 years I've lived here, I've never really put anything out there, because we never use the front door, and are hardly ever out there. But, the back yard is so shady all I've ever been able to grow are pansies, petunias, and various other "p" plants. Anything requiring sun has never worked. The front porch is facing southwest, so I can now revel in learning about actual sun-loving plants.
I reached 75 sales today on etsy, (AMAZING!), and I'm well on my way to reaching my goal of 150 by the end of the summer. I've been really enjoying working on the summer wrap skirts, (see? I'm using my dress form already!)

and asymmetrical necklaces, and have lots and lots of projects in my to-do pile.

Also, I finally sold the menswear tweed vest to a lovely girl in Finland, who gave me the most wonderful comments. I don't think I'll relist it now, though, because alot of people need different sizes than the one listed, and I've got so many things I want to make that custom sizing is too time consuming at the moment. I really enjoy doing my own thing and listing it when I'm ready- no deadlines, no pressure. My Finland customer was so patient, though, knowing that I was finishing up grades and everything.
Been making lots of these adorable little houses lately:

bye for now- Ciao!


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