Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Yeah! We finally got a snow day today. Teachers and students alike rejoice! My daughter (almost 14) is still blissfully sleeping in at 10:30, so I decided to get some catching up done. I never have time to blog except on the weekends, and for the past couple of weeks have had lots of technology issues with my old laptop. Now I have a new computer, and I'm hoping with fingers crossed that my files on my old hard drive are going to be retrievable. Oh well, life will go on if they aren't coming back, but Sasha (aforementioned teenager) only wants to know what will happen to her extensive ipod library. :(
We've been at eachother a little lately, actually me towards her, because I get so tired after disciplining kids at school all day, and then have to come home and do it here. I'm actually just being lazy, because I'm to the point where I want to work on my stuff, and have a life. She is a good girl though, and I'm hoping it continues throughout the next couple of years.
Well, I've had to get my butt in gear for the biggest loser competition at work-a couple people have lost 10 pounds since we started 5 or 6 weeks ago, and I've only lost a few. I know alot about exercising, and how to work out, so I am on the move now, and very sore I might add. We have 13 weeks of students left before summer (I'm not counting spring break) and I cannot wait to have time to do things. My etsy shop slowed down a little, but I didn't have any more items ready to list every day anymore. I need to pump up my inventory. I was worried about not having a set 'style', but I'm just forging ahead with the ideas that I have, and I can't rush art. It has to have time to develop. I'm reading Art and Fear right now, and it talks about that very thing. So my 'plan' has been working pretty well-the one where I work on a certain thing on a certain day of the week. It doesn't really matter if I follow it or not, as long as I'm working on something. So far, so good. I've got a couple of collages that are almost finished, and a distressed faux leather laptop bag that's almost done, and a few ideas for beeswax collage also. (Never done one before, but I bought and adjustable tabletop burner at Walmart for less that 10 bucks, and I'm excited to get started). Most of the research I've done calls for a quilting iron to smooth out the layers, so I may have to invest a little more $$. I'm just wary about buying too many supplies if I'm not going to use them. I love to supply shop way too much. I'll try not to leave so much time in between blogs, maybe I should add "blog" to my daily plan list. Ha! Notice my "extras" section-maybe we need to add another day to the week?

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