Friday, January 26, 2007

Thoughts for the weekend

Wow, thank God it's Friday night. I'm watching Nanny 911 (don't get me started on child-rearing-ha!) and I need to get busy working on some art. I was totally inspired by yet another etsy artist, Danah Kim (not sure if male or female) from Seoul, Korea: now based in Brooklyn. Amazing work, beautiful style, and I love the stitching on the collages. I have done some sewing on paper (I used gold thread and fall silk leaves on my wedding invitations) and it is very cool. I love to sew so much that it's wonderful whenever you can blend two art forms that you love. Anyway, check this artist's work if you can (see link to right-dkim art).
The weekend is a great time for me to spend time in my studio (a corner of my living room),but I feel guilty at times if I feel like I should be giving attention to other things. A main concern that I have that comes between me and art is my almost 14 year old daughter. She's doing well in school, but we don't live in the school neighborhood, so she has no friends around. It's been this way most of her life, and I transport her wherever she needs to go, but I just wish I could find a way to get her more involved in something she would enjoy with peers. I try to get her to do artsy stuff with me, but she loses interest fairly quickly; she's happier doing sports,etc.
Well, my goal this weekend is to finish a couple of collages, finish a laptop bag that I started sewing, and maybe clean the house a little. Maybe I'll get it all done!

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