Monday, March 30, 2009

vintage goodness

My next door neighbor for the last 8 years is approximately 100 years old, give or take a year~ She recently moved in with her son, and her grandson moved in with his family. So they were purging the house of some of her old vintage linens...
She had given me some in the past, and I spied a clear garbage bag full of them sitting outside by the garage only a few days before our garbage day - I immediately flew into action. I put a purple sticky note on their door so that when they got home they would see it for sure. It was raining a bit, and I took a nap. I actually had a nightmare that when I got up the bag was gone!
I know, so silly. But fabric is so special, especially soft old cotton with pretty flowers on it!
So when I got up for real, it was still there... whew.
After all of that, they did give me the bag, and I found a few cute things to keep, but most of it was... not so cute. Oh well. The things that I didn't want to use or sew with, I still felt bad about ditching the rest. So I thought I would use the old sheets that I didn't want to put on the bed as pattern pieces. Whenever I draft patterns, I use muslin rather than tissue, but at times I have used other fabric that I don't want to make things out of. So I thought, why not use the sheets?

now the sheets will have a new life, and I will think of my old friend every time I use them!


Kandy said...

Today is my first visit to your blog. I must say I was quite surprised to see those sheets; I had both sets on my bed growing up. I'm pretty sure they were wedding gifts to my mother in 1971. The orange stripes were my favorite; always reminded me of sherbert. Thanks for the flashback!

spilling beauty said...

oh my goodness!
what a find.
i seriously have dreams of stumbling upon treasure troves like yours..
you don't happen to live in ny state, by any chance, do you??
i'll be right over..