Tuesday, October 28, 2008


there's something about green. It goes with everything, seriously. I once had a pair of dark green flats, with a slightly pointy toe, that went with everything I owned. It sounds weird, but it's true.
This polka dot fabric is one of my favorites, and of course, very hard to find. I have a secret supplier, but it took a lot of research and digging.
Still deciding what crafty direction I want to go in... I always love making clothes, but that's hard to do online, since everyone's body is different. I would like to do something on a small scale, like toys, or needlebooks, housewares. Something that has variations, though. I don't like to do the exact same thing over and over again.
Also, my friend Kelly taught me how to knit last year, and I know the very basics, but I've been looking for a knitting group I could join to sort of hone my skills. Kelly is a knitter extraordinaire, but with a 3 year old in tow, it's hard for her to be a knitting teacher also! I found this really comprehensive list on another local blog, so I'm going to check some of them out:
culled from various sources...
this is my list of Omaha area knitting groups located in public areas.

The Blair Stitch Project
Washington County Extension Office
1718 Washington Street
Blair, Nebraska
Beginner knitters and crocheters start at 5:30-7:00
Advanced and beyond meet from 7:00-8:30

Sit n Knit
String of Purls
Countryside Village
8721 Shamrock Road
Omaha, Nebraska

Hooks & Needles
Westgate Plaza
3457 South 84th St
Omaha, Nebraska 68124

SECOND Tuesdays:
Knit Night
Borders Bookstore Cafe
Shadow Lakes Towne Center
7775 Olson Drive
Papillion, NE 68046
7pm-9pm SECOND Tuesday every month

FOURTH Tuesdays:
Plattsmouth Purls
Plattsmouth Public Library
401 Avenue A
Plattsmouth, NE, 68048
6pm-8pm FOURTH Tuesday every month
Kids welcome

Whole Foods & Fibers
Whole Foods Cafe
10020 Regency Circle
Omaha, NE
6-8 pm

Sit n Knit
String of Purls
Countryside Village
8721 Shamrock Road
Omaha, Nebraska

NE Knit & Crochet Guild
W Dale Clark Library
215 South 15 Street
Omaha NE
10:00am - 2:00pm

thanks jeepchick!
Hopefully I can attend some of these, because I really want to be better at knitting (I want to learn to knit in the round)


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i too am a big fan of green... fresh... juicy color!

and you know how to knit... oh would would so run with that... wish i had the coordination! :)

your friend jessica! said...

I could never figure out 'in the round'. I love knitting hats - doing it in the round would be like a dream!