Monday, September 08, 2008

upcoming events

I'm organizing a mixed media art workshop in Omaha, and I'm really excited about it! The idea is to have participants make a handmade ornament / artwork, for themselves or for a gift.
I think people really appreciate the thought and care that goes into a handmade gift. It means so much more than just going and buying something (probably something they might not even want or need)
So the 'working' date is November 8, which is a Saturday. I'm getting the venue squared away this week, so I will know a little more about the exact times soon.
I'll be giving you sneak peeks about the projects soon. So if you live in or near the big "O", please think about reserving your spot. There will be a listing in my etsy shop so that everything will go through paypal. It's going to be a fun, comfortable, and social way of creating art!
...also, as promised... here's my little caddy for the rick rack. It used to be all mangled in a pretty big box, and now it's all pretty and organized:) **Check out the chartreuse velvet rick rack! It's to die for!!!!

and a new little house design, just because...

see you soon girlies!