Saturday, September 13, 2008

organization 101...continued

As I look around my studio, I notice that I have a hodge-podge of containers, furniture, and contraptions that hold various supplies. Some of it was given to me, some things that I found were free, the rest was cheap.
I was at an antique sidewalk sale a couple of years ago, and the colors in these tin containers spoke to me:

They are imprinted on the bottom with "Made in Holland". I'm not sure how old they are, but they were $8 for all 4 containers, and I would have paid more. The designs are raised imprints, and you just can't beat the aqua blue and pink combination! I store my tiny flowers in one, SOME of my huge button collection in two, and some tiny hardware in the big one.

Recognize that little cabinet these tins are perched on?

I got it for free from a guy we went to buy some tiles from. It had been sitting out in the rain, and had some old, rusty tools in it. Even after lots of sanding, you can still see the distressed surface, but I love it anyway. It holds all of my rick rack and ribbons and embroidery thread. Major transformation, I'd say. I spent about $10 on paint (in my favorite color, of course) and about $8 on the lovely porcelain knobs.


jenny holiday said...

What a great re-do! Super super cute!!! And ooooh the canisters are so sweet!!!

So happy to have found your blog!! :)

Happy Fall!
xoxo Jenny

stephjacobson said...

This is beautiful, Ellene. I wish I was brave enough to tackle such a project. I may have to get some tips from you!