Wednesday, March 05, 2008

this is serious!

ok, so I got tired of schlepping around 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in different types of bags, baskets, and containers, (the paper always curls up on the edges and gets all messed up, because it's too big) to do projects on the go, so I decided to make the 'seriously big tote' in one of my favorite amy butler fabrics. This thing can hold a ton of scrapbook paper, my camera, laptop, scrabble tile tin, glue, magazines, lunch, hat, gloves, ink pads and stamps, and still feel kind of empty. In a word, it rocks!
I think I'm so happy with it and it's such a joy to use because I hardly ever make anything for myself. I'm always too busy making stuff for the shop. I actually get excited to leave the house because I get to have all of my stuff with me, and since it's basically devoted to crafty stuff, I don't have to keep packing and unpacking and re-packing it. I always have projects that I need to work on while I'm on the go, like for those times in the car waiting for my daughters soccer/basketball/softball practices to be over. I want to make another one (or two) to keep in the car for the grocery store, and I think it would be fun to add some embellishments to the outside before I put the lining in... like buttons (I know, I have a button obsession, but at least I can admit it), or fabric transfers of clip art faces. And of course some of my vintage inspired lace, and my adorable rickrack. I saw a tote at a little boutique that had a rafael-like face image on it, and it was very european looking. So now I just have to learn how to do fabric transfers and find some cool faces.

So I already made another for the shop, and I think I'll make a series of these, and I want to put contrasting fabric pockets on the outside too, (this style has two large pockets on the inside.) I put some canvas stiffening in the bottom for support, and it's just perfect. Maybe I should make more stuff for myself...


mendytexas said...

I love your BIG BAG!! Gorgeous material a big bag for summer too! :)mendy

Bethany said...

I just found your blog...soo lovely! The bag you made is just such a great idea~I'm off to check out your etsy shop :)

sUz said...

Great idea to keep your on-the-go studio close at hand in your fabulous bags! Hooray for organization and treats for yourself!
iN jOy,

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Love it!