Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm working hard on some new designs, and I'm actually trying to find the time to make some things for myself- I know, what a concept! I've been putting a patina on different metal components, and creating what I call "The Secret Attic Treasures" series. When I was little, I was fascinated with old trinkets, and as I got older, old embroidered linens. As I walked through antique stores and thrift stores about 10 years ago, I always wondered why I loved these things so much. Even if I bought them and brought them home, I would just look at them lovingly, but not really be able to do anything with them. Now I have the joy of taking some of the trinkets I find, and joining them with new pieces, and making beautiful 'heirlooms'.

Since I don't have any photos of my own grandparents and great grandparents, I just borrow some ancestors and include them in my work. caio, girls~


-mari- said...

Thanks for your comment:)
Oh, I just love those attic tresures! How do you get that patina on the metals?

amy said...

Hello MIss Ellene!

Thank you for commenting on my blog (Star Crafty) some time ago. I get so many comment spams that Gmail automatically sends all comment notifications to my Spam folder, so I never know when REAL comments come up.

Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful!