Monday, April 09, 2007

Ahhh, Monday...

Well, back to school today after a blissful 10 days off. I'm grateful for the time off, but it's hard to go back. Looking forward to summer now~ less than 7 weeks to go.
Anyway...I got a few optical lenses from MantoFev-a great supply online store, and here's one of the faux ones:

They are fun to do these little collages, and MantoFev is right here in Omaha!
Here's the pile of lenses that I need to finish to put in the shop~

As for my sewing pile, I made the asian patchwork purse that I've been thinking about for awhile, and it's very sweet and I love how it turned out. I may have to make myself one!

Must get back to Dancing with the Stars now! I'm very disappointed in the basketball player guy, because he's not even trying. My prediction is Ian Zering (Beverly Hills 90210) will win it, but I could be wrong.

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AmeliaB said...

I love your bag! So cute esp. the geisha fabric. Thanks for "hearting" me on Etsy. :-)