Wednesday, February 02, 2011

trees trees and more trees

i guess there's a reason my business is named deciduous soul, i just can't stop loving trees.
on my work table today:

just trying to find my medium sized hole puncher for the fallen leaves on the hill...
also, many of you know i live in a very small house, and I've been wishing for the last few years that i just had an extra closet, if an extra room wasn't possible.
drumroll please....
i decided we could feasibly put a closet in an unused space in between the kitchen and the living room, as there was an extra doorway leading into the hall that was not necessary. we had previously built tiny shelves in the doorway and had cd's on it (that kev won't get rid of, but that's another story)
and there was a large bookcase sitting in front of the doorway. Confusing, i know.
so here are the first pics of the framing and the door. we had no idea what we were doing, but it was actually one of the easiest home improvement projects ever.

i conveniently hurt my back at the gym over the weekend, so kev has been a trooper doing the drywall cutting and lifting and screwing and sawing and mudding.
i shall do the painting at the end :)

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