Sunday, October 17, 2010

recent fun!

I can't remember what my friend called this, but something like 'saloon zombie bustle'? So, I was happy to oblige. She said she would add fake blood later :) I didn't make the corset, that she purchased. I just added some tattered lace, and made the bustle. I rarely use red for anything, but that is what she wanted.

mine will be slightly less gory, as I am opting for either Scarlett O'hara or Marie Antionette. The time consuming parts of both of those would be the dress of course, so I may be lazy and be a peasant or something!
also I have a new friend who is an amazing talent, and she is joining the craft mafia with us. Her name is Terri, and she's a designer transplanted from LA. Unbelievable creativity!

she makes clothing also, vintage inspired and reconstructed- hey, no wonder we became fast friends!!

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