Sunday, September 05, 2010


managed to get this key necklace done in between games at Sasha's triple header softball tournament yesterday:

(I think it needs a few more keys...)
She made a sideways dive and caught a fly ball, and it was pretty awesome! She has several games a week right now, varsity softball in your senior year is no joke people. I'm incredibly proud of her, and no matter what is going on in my life (less than 2 weeks to go until fashion week), it is more important that I attend these games and be supportive. I fully believe that these things make a huge difference in your childs life. So even when schedules are crunched, we continue to be 'superwomen' or 'supermen' and do it all. Priorities, priorities, priorities. She's getting her senior pictures done by a local artist/photographer tomorrow, and it's going to be fun for me to be the stylist on the shoot!
Still have 4 or 5 dresses to finish for the show, including my own!!!

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