Monday, March 15, 2010

joys of motherhood

My daughter is turning 17 today.

ok, stunned moment is passing. I keep having those over the last 24 hours. I knew this was coming, but now that it's here it's hitting me pretty hard. It seems like just yesterday I was 17, and I can remember who my first roommates were, they were like big sisters to me, so protective since I had moved out of my parents house so young.
I am still in touch with most of them.
Then at 23 I became a mother, and of course my life changed completely. I wanted so much to make her life the best I could make it, with the most support and love and protection.
Judging by what a fantastic young lady she has become, I think I did a pretty awesome job! She is an aspiring photographer, motorcross rider, softball / soccer player (varsity this year!), super funny, loves children and pets, loves to draw, and I try to encourage her to become whatever she can dream.
I've been so busy lately that when I got Shona Cole's book in the mail I didn't have time to sit down and really look through it. I knew I really wanted to take my time and thoroughly enjoy it.

Now that I've had time, I really couldn't put it down. As I saw the richness and inspiration on every page, and Shona's beautiful images, my own creative moments with my daughter came to mind. We still do creative things on a daily basis, but I began thinking back over the last 17 years and remembering things I've shown her, and experiences we've had.
One thing I loved about Shona's book was the section on digital photography. Running an online shop for the past 3 years has turned me into an amateur photog. out of necessity, and I've tried to share info. with my daughter about what I've learned. But the way Shona explained why the camera settings are important and how to use them - I wish I would have had such an informative but easy to understand instructions when I was starting out. I loved it and it will become required reading for my daughter :)
The other thing that was interesting was the way she explains and inspires poetry writing. As an art teacher and a homeschooling mom (of one year) I have tried to incorporate poetry into a few lessons, but I am learning soooooo much from this book! I'm so inspired to try new things with my students and my daughter, I can't wait to get started.
After being an art teacher for 11 years, it's so wonderful to get such fresh inspiration!
Shona's children are beautiful, her artwork and poetry is inspiring, she is a great teacher and motivator, and I know it must have been such a labor of love to plan and write this book. I was touched and honored to be included with the other amazing artists/mothers that are spotlighted in the book, and was so surprised at how much I needed this book, even at the place in our journey where we are now.
check out the inside pages at amazon here
I know there are several creative ladies that are participating in a 12 week challenge, and it's headed up by Trudy Callan, info is here
Working through the goal setting and workshop activities would be a wonderful way to kickstart a life long creative habit, and inspire your children to do the same in their lives.
thank you Shona for being so inspiring, as a mother and an artist!
and happy birthday to my little sweetie: you changed my life for the better, and I look forward to (and have to accept!) the next stage of our lives. I am married now, but for 12 years it was just the 2 of us, and you made my life not only livable, but amazing!
love you!


Diva Kreszl said...

oh boy do I understand my 'baby' is turning 17 on Saturday. my real shock this year was realizing my first born had turned 32 in January, now had did that happen???

stephjacobson said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! The book looks like a good one--I'll have to add it to my wish list.

Kevin said...

I enjoyed reading your comments. You have always been a very special and wonderful person. You also have a beautiful and talented daughter, who shares the love and appreciation for life with her mother. You have done a great job in raising Sasha and I wish we had been able to wish her happy birthday in person. I am an exceedingly blessed father and grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................

Lis said...

I just found your blog after starting the Artistic Mother group/book as I love your work. And I have to say, I was thrilled and surprised to realize we live in the same town! If you ever do any classes/tutorials for novice sewers, I would love to learn! I just inherited my mother's old singer machine and it just needs a tune up.

beautiful pieces!