Saturday, December 05, 2009

tis the season

had a lovely weekend so far....
spent a chilly evening with my bff trying to sell our wares at a new artsy warehouse. Heard some cool music from a lone guitarist, but it was kind of humorous too. If his amp was plugged in at the same time as our space heater we were huddled around, we lost power. Fun Friday nite, huh?
I actually enjoyed myself though :)
Then had a Christmas shopping trip today, but Sasha and I decided not to hit the mall, but rather a really old, cool hippy boutique I used to go to 15 years ago. She loves hemp necklaces, tie dyes, and interesting beads, and she said she actually remembered going there with me when she was little. It's called "Cool Stuff" and she already has a plan to take her friends there. She got a cool room tapestry and promptly hung it up as soon as we got home.

I didn't sell too much at the show last night, but at least I have a lot of new inventory since I made a bunch of new things to sell there. I think I'll call this one 'snowflake':

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whatifimamermaid said...

Love both necklaces - especially the one with the large hoop pendant - very pretty!