Monday, August 24, 2009

oh the cuteness!

I found this on flickr, and love her blog and so many adorable creations:

btw, sorry I've been a bad blogger lately! I'm back at school and really enjoying it. I've learned that working at home is an awful lot of work, and I like the balance of being home and being at work, flip flopping back and forth. I have some really nice classes this year, and I'm excited about some new projects I'm working out.
I'm really into watercolor lately for some reason, {or at least really into daydreaming about it}, so I'm planning some lessons around that. I think I'm fascinated with the medium (although I'm really not a painter) because it's all about control. (my middle name, some would say).
I go into great detail every year explaining to the kids how the amount of water in the bristles directly affects the intensity of the color and how easily you can control it on the paper. I'm sure they are sitting on the edge of their seats trying to glean every kernel of knowledge from my vast experience as they possibly can.
For some reason it's a lot easier planning a lesson and inspiring others than it is to sit down and actually do it myself. I'm thinking of taping the paper into a grid- like this wonderful artist
so that I'll have some squares to work in, since I'm so used to doing 1 inch scrabble tile collages, apparently I'm not one of those people who likes to work 'large'. Back in college it seemed like in order to be a 'real' painter, you had to make canvases (sp?) about as large as the side of a house to be taken seriously. I am perfectly content making tiny artworks, though, there is something so 'cozy' and 'cute' and makes everyone exclaim..." that is the most ADORABLE thing I've ever seen!"
I think that's my new goal with my etsy shop (that has suffered much lately due my lack of 'gusto' and 'mojo): to make some ADORABLE tiny things that people simply MUST buy, not because they need them, but because they are so darn adorable.
p.s. I'm sorry to all my followers, I've done something to my blog layout and your 'adorable' little profile pics in the sidebar have mysteriously disappeared. But have no fear, I love you all, and you are most appreciated!!


Gina said...

Oh that little deer is such a dear, I love it. It sure sounds like you've been keeping busy! I like that you do a small scale, it does make it interesting and rules are meant to be broken! It's the unusual that provokes the eye more anyway! Have a great week friend.

Jessica! said...

You were talking about water color, and I saw this and thought about you.