Friday, February 01, 2008

one month down, 3 to go...

It's been four weeks since the official beginning weigh in at school, and I've been pretty darn good if I do say so myself. We are having 'checkpoint weigh-ins' every 4 weeks, and I lost 8.8 pounds as of today. I'm extremely excited, but pounds do not just drop off of this body, especially since I entered my 30's. It takes a lot of work, and getting my food right. I wasn't in the top 3 today, but I'm sure I will be at the end -- I better be in the top spot, because I've got plans for the $500!
So even with my continuing back pain, I shall march forward (on the treadmill no doubt), and continue on. I have made a definite lifestyle change, and I'm starting to wonder what it will feel like to actually look good in a swim suit this summer. I can't even fathom it yet!
Onto other news, I've got some new purses and wrap skirts coming, with spring fever at the forefront of my creative mind. I still love all of my lovely fabrics in browns and greys, like corduroy:

and this beautiful blue velveteen that I'm going to make a scarflette out of tomorrow (for sure!), but I am looking forward to some brighter colors. I've noticed just in the last 2 years, my color choices have definitely gotten more cheery. My wardrobe, my wall paint choices, everything!
I used to be Queen Neutral. You couldn't find anything in my closet except for black, grey and brown. My latest buys were some really cute hoodies in turquoise (my favorite color, but used to be afraid to wear it), hot pink (yes, it is actually really cute), and a buttery yellow- YES, I said YELLOW!!!!! Can you believe it?
I have no idea why I've been so afraid of color for all these years.
Maybe I'll wear something really bright and eye-popping in my final 'after' picture when I WIN the biggest loser competition!!
caio girls~


the aesthetic onion said...

How exciting. And funny that I just wrote a post about putting more color in my wardrobe too. I'm routing for you!

Gabi said...
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