Tuesday, August 07, 2007

House on Bowery Hill

Ok, as promised, a day late, here's the new house on the hill necklace. I love it!

I actually named it after the hill that I live on. When I bought my house which was built in 1910, on the description paper (??? don't know what it's called), it describes Bowery Hill, and the borders of the property. No one calls it that anymore, and it's not the street name or anything. It's weird to think about where that name came from, and how this end of town was where Omaha started 100 years ago. My neighbor Madeline is about 97, and she has told me stories about her memories of growing up on this street. I can't imagine the changes she has seen take place. She lived in one house, and then got married and moved into the next one. So she's been here her whole life. She still crochets and always gives us handmade slippers and embroidered tea towels for Christmas.
So the hill is so steep in front, that my neighbor lady actually comes out of her house and watches me mow, for fear that she may need to call 911 when I have a horrible disabling mower accident. The guy next to me wears his cleats when he mows his yard. I actually pray while I'm doing it, because you slide downward the whole time. So the polka dot hill is much prettier, and I think I'll do a series of these hill necklaces.
Well, we're going on a short summer vacation in the morning, and I'm already freaking out that I'm going to be away from my sewing machine and my iBook for a few days. We are going camping, but in a nice cabin with air conditioning - I know, I'm weak, but I don't want to be miserable and stinky. I'm looking forward to 'family time', and forcing myself to do something other than be creative. I'm not, however, looking forward to next week, and going back to work. Where did the summer go?


Shona Cole said...

what a lovely slice of your life, i enjoyed reading about your hill and your neighbor

Shona Cole said...

oh and your necklace is beautiful too :)

Livy said...

So lovely to live in a historical house!