Friday, May 25, 2007

the last day

wow, I feel like I just finished a marathon, and I'm on my hands and knees, crawling and scraping my way across the finish line, completely spent. My mind is so full of ideas on things I want to work on, but my body is just so tired and achy. When I turned off my alarm this morning, and slowly made my way to the bathroom, the bottom of my feet hurt. The only time my feet feel like that is when I've been standing waaaay too much, and for waaaay too long. They used to feel like that after waitressing, and it always hurt more the next morning. Anyway, today was the last. day. for. students. ...
My boss still hasn't told me if my request has been granted for next year for a little lighter schedule. I'd love it if I could just quit, and make etsy my full time job. Maybe someday...
So after dinner Sasha had movie plans, and since we live 20 minutes away from the neighborhood where all of her friends are, I usually end up driving pretty far to take her places. Just the thought of being a taxi tonight made me tear up, so Kev offered to drive her. I am unbelievably grateful for him~ he's always there to pick up the pieces when I feel like I'm going to fall apart. I guess I appreciate it so much because for the first 12 years I didn't have any help. It's so great when I can just sit and be, and someone else can do what needs to be done. So now I'm sitting by my 'studio window', which is our living room window, trying to think and write, and this tiny little dog that lives across the street is incessantly barking at all of the cars parking on our street- due to a band playing a couple of blocks away tonight. I don't let my dog bark and bark like that - it is sooooo annoying! Speaking of my new studio, it's pretty awesome. I'll post some pics when I have some daylight to shoot. Basically, I just keep rearranging until I'm happy, and my husband is getting pretty used to it now. I told him, Honey, you just have to understand that I rearrange every 3 months, no matter what. So his desk and my studio are in our living room, and I kicked him (nicely) out of the corner by the window, and took over. He's fine with it, and now I can take photos of jewelry and things without moving all of my junk. I put a big bookcase behind my desk - off to the side, and I'm organizing all of my supplies that are not housed in drawers there. I love this space so far, and it will get even better when I have time to 'pretty it up'.
My goals this weekend are: 1) finish a custom vest for a lovely customer in Finland, and get it shipped out
2) work on a skirt that's been swimming around in my head for about 2 months,
3) buy some sterling silver chains to create some asymmetrical necklaces with these gorgeous black agate discs I bought on etsy
4) complete my new revised sun hat pattern with some new fabric
...and anything else I can squeeze in.

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